26.2–The goal, the reason, the journey.

In case you are still part of the small population of people in my life who have not heard, I am running the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon this October. This is easily the most absurd, terrifying, awesome, and exciting commitment I have ever made. I am well aware that this will require more discipline, dedication, and motivation than really any other thing I have done. I am just over a week into my preliminary training and things are going well for the most part, but we can get back to the trivial stuff later. So now you ask, WHY the heck are you doing this?

I am doing this for the children across the world who deserve clean water. Having access to clean water is the most basic necessity for survival. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I most certainly take my ease of access to water for granted, and I think it is safe to say that most people in the United States are with me on that one. I can’t imagine a life that revolved around my long walks to a far away well or river, and I don’t want that to be a reality for others. I am running 26 miles to hopefully support 26 people.

I am doing this so that I can challenge myself to grow. I don’t want to improve myself purely physically (although that will definitely happen), but also spiritually. I know that the only way I will complete this thing is by relying on the strength of The Lord. When I am tired, unmotivated, or losing sight of my goals, I know that I will have God in my corner to push me along. Someone proposed an interesting idea to me the other day that will most certainly carry me through those long training runs. For each mile I run, I will pray for a different person in my life, especially those who decide to sponsor me in this endeavor. I remember to pray to The Lord when I need something, but I forget to pray for my brothers and sisters as well.

I am doing this for myself. I want to prove to myself, and the rest of the world, that YOU CAN do this. It is hard, it is scary, but it is not impossible. I want to show myself what it looks like to trust that my body is far more capable than I give it credit for.  I want to give myself the space to constantly be surprised by myself and the community around me.

This first week and a half has already brought some major ups and downs. My training started off strong. I was feeling super motivated and my mileage actually added up fairly quickly it seemed. My speed is definitely pretty modest to start off with, but the point is that I am doing it. The week also brought some frustrations as I realized that I’ve had the wrong shoes this whole time. A combination of improper shoe choice and lots of miles on the treadmill has brought on shin splints. It is really discouraging to be experiencing this issue so early into my training, but I am trying to learn to respect my body. When it says “enough is enough” I am learning to listen so that I can solve the issue without injuring myself. All in all, my motivation is still there and the runner’s high is definitely a real thing. The Lord is definitely jogging alongside me through this one and I am so excited to team up with the ministry that is already happening through World Vision.


About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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