One week down, fifteen to go.

At the start of each year it has become such a habit to grow increasingly more nostalgic about the year that has past, while also setting generally unrealistic goals for the year that has just begun. I think that it has something to do with the human fear of the future, fear of change. I have begun to experience this myself. The beginning of a new year means that I am almost done with my first year as an RA, I am halfway done with a dual degree, and I am one step closer to the harsh realities of adulthood (although it feels as if that has already set in).

It is amazing how much growth and change a person can see in themselves even over the course of a year. As I look back at the very beginning of this little blog, I can see evolution (and perhaps a little digression) in myself and in my writing. I began this blog simply as a means of communicating the ins and outs of my new life as a college student. Shortly after that, it turned into a place for me to process my thoughts about the world around me, and most often the God that I serve. It then seemed to evolve again as I dove deeper into my writing and found that poetry was my place of complete solitude and serenity. Not only did the format of my writing change, but arguably the quality of my writing also evolved to a higher level. All of these changes in just one simple year.

As I sit at my desk reflecting on this first week of this new semester, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. It is certainly going to be an extremely academically rigorous semester. Aside from the standards though, I can already tell that this semester is just going to fly by. This week has felt like the length of one day. As much as I am overwhelmed, I feel equally as excited. I can just feel that God is doing a new and glorious thing this semester even though I also think I may get propelled out of my comfort zone. Despite the challenges to come, and the comfort zones I will break free from, I may never want this semester to end. I can live with that.


About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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