Cuteness inspires aggression.

You read the title right, cuteness inspires aggression. I read that little blurb on twitter today from a “fun facts” type of account. I usually discredit their information because how accurate could a little blurb on twitter be, right? For some reason this particular post had me thinking just a little bit. Why is it that when we see something cute we immediately want to squeeze it? Grandmas everywhere have been pinching cheeks for ages, children squeeze their stuffed animals so tight that it would die if it were real, and people “squeeze” their romantic relationships to the point of non existence sometimes.

We all know the line; “I just need some space.” Why do we hear that one so often? This isn’t some scientific answer and my goal isn’t to convince you that I am all knowing but, I think that I may have come to a pretty good understanding. When people find something good, or something that makes them happy, they cling to it for dear life. We feel that if we can just hold on really tight, that object won’t slip through our fingers. We don’t like the fact that sometimes, things are only temporary. They come into our lives, serve a purpose, and move right on out of our lives.

I have found myself subconsciously holding on to these things. I too find it hard to accept that they might leave, or change, or just be plain different one day. I almost want to equate these things to a handful of sand. You can hold on to a large amount for a little while but eventually most of the grains will slip through your fingers and just a few will be left over. You might be asking which grains of sand you will be left holding, right? If God could ever possibly be compared to a grain of sand (which he totally couldn’t), He would be the one grain of sand that would literally never get off of your hand. Then there is your family. I know for me this hasn’t always been the case but if anything, this grain of sand will at least linger. Besides, family does not only mean your biological family. Figure out what family looks like to you, and then know that it will always be there. 

Relationships are tricky. We get excited about the prospect and cling. Then we realize and overcompensate by trying to play it extra cool or hard to get. I think that if humans just acknowledged the fact what we all just want to be wanted then relationships would be a whole lot easier. Just be up front with the fact that sometimes we want to squeeze the familiar. Cuteness sure does inspire aggression. Maybe i’m not the one to be giving this advice considering the fact that i have yet to be successful in this area of life but… I do believe there is some truth to my words today. Also take comfort in knowing that you are wanted by God. If you ever feel alone, you’re not. If you ever feel sad, he will comfort you. If you are joyous, he will be there to praise with you. If you need a traveling companion, God will carry you. 

This post is definitely starting to sound a little scatter-brained-and perhaps it is because I often tend to be that way-but I was also once told a really awesome vision for a healthy relationship. Our first and foremost priority should be our relationship with God. God heals all things, God makes all things new, and God will show you your true path if you just trust him enough to follow. When you enter into a new relationship, you have to continue to put God first, as does the other person. This will make your relationship infinitely more healthy, successful, and easy to cling to (as is appropriate that is-we aren’t trying to kill it). Think of this relationship like a triangle. God is the apex. As you and your significant other grow closer to God, you also grow closer to each other. 

In closing, I think what I was essentially was trying to say through this long, probably disorganized, probably illogical post was that sometimes we squeeze on the wrong things. The one thing that should make you want to squeeze harder than ever before, the one thing that will never be discouraged, or leave you, or call you “clingy” is God. Cuteness may inspire aggression, but you decide where that aggression (or squeezing) is to be directed. If you direct it towards God, your results will be infinitely better.

You are human, you get attached, it is hard to let go. That is okay. Cling to God and you will be rewarded. 




About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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