You… yes you! You have an impact on someone, somewhere.

It has been a very reflective, quiet, morning for me. Past few days have been this way actually. My life is in an extreme place of transition and sometimes it causes me to just sit, reflect, and be thankful for the crazy amazing things I experience on a daily basis. I often find myself using the website “StumbleUpon” when I get bored.. especially while I sit desk. Let’s be real, Sohlberg Hall can be a total ghost town at times. This morning, I “StumbledUpon” a really wonderful quote that got me thinking. Get ready for it, it may blow your mind.

“I think about how there are certain people who come into your life and leave a mark. The ones who are as much a part of you as your own soul. Their place in your heart is tender; a bruise of longing, a pulse of unfinished business. Just hearing their names pushes and pulls at you in a hundred ways, and when you try to define those hundred ways, describe them even to yourself, words are useless. If you had a lifetime to talk there would still be things left unsaid.” –Sara Zarr

You’re sitting there now like “woah” right? You also probably had a few people racing through your mind as you read correct? Me too. Even at my young age, people have come into my life, changed me for better or for worse, and left again. So it goes on an average day anyways. As I reflected on those people, their actions, and how they’ve changed me. How they are still pulling on my heart after all this time. I am grateful. I am excited. I can’t wait to find the next person to place a little hook in my heart. Take what I am about to say with a grain of salt because it may sound conceited for just a second. I feel that I am more mature than my age reveals. I have learned a lot in my short 18 years. Perhaps more than the average 18 year old. That being said, I have MANY more lessons to learn. I sometimes like to equate life to a marathon. You are running and running and most of the time the end feels so far away and so out of sight. However, it is going to be there before you know it, but not without some laughter, tears, and maybe even a little blood. Marathons are hard. Life is hard. What takes the pressure out of a marathon is the support you receive along the way. The people placing little hooks in your heart. My hooks are many, and I thank God for that. 

I have learned not to be so guarded with my emotions, or how and when to give my love away to some extent. Some people ask me why this is and here is my answer in the simplest way I can give it. I follow a God with a heart bigger than your wildest dreams. A God that leads by example. Although I will never match up to him or the perfect son he gave us, I can sure try. How can I gain supporters or give the unconditional love I receive if I’m not willing to be open? You never know what little thing you say will just make someone’s day. Be intentional. Be present. Be fulfilled.

If you’re still with me at this point in the post, then I award you a massive gold star. I can’t help it, I’ve discovered my passion as a writer and it is how I process the mass amounts of information I take in. I am glad that you are here to process it with me.


Until next time,



About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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