Today is the day that I take my stand.

Today is the day that I take my stand against the use of social media as a form of self gratification. Since being at North Park I have started to realize that sometimes I post things online just to see how many likes I can get. Just to prove something to myself. I’m finally here to say no to that. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever else should not be what you count on as a source of self confidence or happiness. IT IS NOT STABLE. Using social media in that way is extremely damaging to self esteem and self confidence. People post mean things on the internet. It is simply the sad truth. People also post nice things on the internet, but they just don’t have quite the same effect as the negative posts.

Things that I constantly see going up on social media that cause more damage than you think:

1. Degrading jokes about race, gender, and other things

2. Pictures of young girls that are totally inappropriate and perhaps sexualized

3. Rude comments towards other people

4. People posting their inner most issues and problems

These things all do so much harm to the poster and the audience viewing them. When you are about to post something you really don’t think about how it will be perceived. Be honest, you’re thinking about who will like it, who will think it’s cool. Last night I experienced something via Twitter that made me want to write this post. To me, the tweet I received rolled right off my shoulders, but to many others that tweet could have caused drastic harm. I posted a tweet last night and used a few hashtags, someone (who chose to remain anonymous) decided that they really didn’t like that. The following screenshot is of the tweet I received last night from an account entitled “NPU Dirty Secrets”

Now NPU Dirty Secrets is a twitter account where people send in their “secrets” via DM and some unknown person who runs the account posts them. This tweet is pretty benign compared to some of the things I have seen on there. People are constantly posting about how this one girl is a “slut” or “sexy” or many other degrading terms. You will also see things saying really negative and hurtful things towards people. I sit  here and ask myself; why does such an account exist? Why do people feel the need to say hurtful things behind social media. You know you would never say those things face to face. Like I said in my response, it’s just Twitter. The same goes for Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else. Stop taking it so seriously. What I post doesn’t really effect any other person, I posted it because I wanted to and that should be the end of it. So what if I use more hashtags? So from me to you, if you don’t take anything else at all away from my little vent, know that you are so so so much more than the likes you get, the retweets you receive, or by your number of followers.  


About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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