Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

What a roller coaster week. So much has happened since last Tuesday. It is crazy to think how quickly time is flying by me here! The next time I post it will be October! Things have been going really well as far as classes, exams, and school work in general. I am pretty on top of my game, getting amazing scores on my exams, and am just feeling quite secure where I am at with that aspect of college. It is a relief to feel a small triumph in that part of this experience. I still can’t figure out what on earth I am doing with my life which is pretty crazy for me. I have always been in a position where I had a plan and for the first time… I just don’t. I am trying to cope with the fact that I don’t really need to have it figured out just yet but it’s a little strange. As of last Wednesday, I secured myself a solo in Women’s Choir which is awesome because I’m only a little baby freshman! It is nice to know that people have faith in my talents and opens up some new options for me. Frisbee has taken over my life but I could not be any happier about it! I have never felt so passionate about practicing, learning, and growing in a sport as I do right now. I carry my frisbee around often and I am ALWAYS looking for opportunities to toss. A few times I have even headed to the guys practices to get some extra time learning. It has proved to be very much worth my time. I have found that playing with the boys really forces me to play up to a higher standard. It is literally forcing me to become a better player already. I also love it because the guys don’t make it an awkward experience, but instead are encouraging as I progress. My throws are getting pretty solid thanks to some help from a friend! I have just developed a general love for the sport and I am so so so excited that I decided to jump into something new like that. It has also motivated me to become more fit as I struggle with my body image sometimes. Along with frisbee I have taken up the pedometer challenge at Helwig (our gym). Basically the challenge is to wear a pedometer every day and record your steps at the end of the day. The goal is to have walked at least 6,000 by the end of your day. I have far surpassed this on several occasions! This past Saturday I participated in Service Day. Essentially I walked all around the Albany Park Neighborhood (where my school is situated) and picked up trash. Many people along my path thanked myself and others for our good works which was very nice. After Service Day a group of us went down to Apple Fest in Lincoln Square. Unfortunately it was one of those things that was only fun if you had money. No fear though, we still had QUITE the adventure! We ended up walking all the way from Lincoln Square to the Target in Uptown. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chicago… the distance between these two neighborhoods is a lot. I racked my pedometer up to 16,000 steps by the end of that day! On Sunday I tried Ravenswood Covenant Church and I really liked it. I loved how traditional it felt. Surprisingly, I feel that I am looking for a more traditional church. I get a lot of contemporary services here on campus so I think I need that traditional aspect as well. I do believe I will travel back there! Other than that I have been experiencing a very typical Monday-Friday schedule. I had Fika with the frisbee teams on Tuesday which was so much fun. I also attempted to give blood on Tuesday, however my iron level was a 12.3 instead of the necessary 12.5 which was quite sad. Everything else has been typical of a hum-drum class/activities schedule for me. I am hoping that this weekend will bring some great memories and new friendships as I travel to the boy’s first frisbee tournament somewhere in Illinois! Until next time!



About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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