Find My IPhone

So much has happened since I last posted, it has been a week but I have just been so caught up in frisbee, school work, and various other activities that it has been hard to post everyday! From here on out I will be posting once a week! Last Tuesday night I babysat Cali and things went really well I think! I made her dinner, helped her with her spelling homework, and then took her out for some gelato. On the way back from getting gelato I dropped my phone on the sidewalk however I didn’t even notice! Upon arriving back to the house I realized I didn’t have my phone or my debit card but it was too late to take Cali back out and I of course could not leave her alone so I just left it there, accepting the fact that it was probably gone. About 2 and a 1/2 hours later, Cali’s mom came home and we set out to find my phone using the app “Find My IPhone.” If you don’t have this app, I HIGHLY recommend it. You just log in with your apple ID and it will locate the phone for you. When I made the phone play a noise I found it lying face down in the grass. You could have never seen it until daylight! It was my lucky day, I recovered my IPhone and debit card successfully. On Thursday night I helped lead worship at Vespers which was amazing! It was really awesome to see the intentional faith that took place in that room. Friday night consisted of Fall Fest where I saw Noah Gunderson and The Crownless King; a play that my intro to theater class saw. The play was amazing! It was set up arena style so I was practically sitting on the stage and the story was comical yet serious. A perfect balance! Saturday afternoon was spent in the lovely Andersonville. If you aren’t familiar or you can’t guess by the name, Andersonville is the Swedish neighborhood in Chicago. I spent my day strolling in and out of adorable boutiques, antique stores, and thrift shops. I managed to make some pretty cool finds! I also enjoyed my first Chicago Dog. I would say it was a lovely afternoon overall. Saturday night brought around a game night! We made some home-made guacamole and sat down to play Clue, Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit, and Contact. It was a night filled with laughter. Sunday morning was my first visit to Chicago Tabernacle and I LOVED it! It was very contemporary like Missio Dei but there was a healthy mix of ages, and they affirm women in ministry. The rest of Sunday proved to be a very low key day, I grabbed coffee with a friend, watched a lot of Netflix curled up in my bed, and attended College Life. Yesterday, I woke myself up at 8am so that I could actually enjoy a good breakfast for once, found out my first class was cancelled, and had another low key Netflix kind of morning. After my 1pm class I grabbed coffee with a different friend and just caught up which was so needed. Then it was straight off to ultimate frisbee, my new favorite thing! We did some new drills that I loved! I can’t wait to be a better handler but for now I am pleased with my progress! This morning I trudged along to my 8am and was absolutely exhausted. When I arrived I found out that we were peer editing… ugh one of my least favorites that early! The worst part was that we couldn’t truly correct the papers, it really drove me nuts not to correct the grammar and syntax errors. The rest of my day will be pretty laid back, an optional lab, intro to theater, and then a soccer game later tonight! Sorry about the long update, I hope to be more on-top of my postings in the future!



About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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