If we all did a little more retail therapy, the world would be a better place

Generally speaking I have a shopping addiction. I don’t feel all that bad about it because it has always been self funded so who cares right? Since I have recently stopped having a steady income, this shopping addiction has diminished, I know I can’t afford it anymore. After an amazing time at the Walk the Moon concert last night, my friends and I decided to head to Water Tower Place. If you aren’t familiar with Chicago then you wouldn’t know about the Magnificent Mile. The Mag Mile is where people go when they want to spend all of there money, more specifically they go to Water Tower Place. I could spend hour upon hour in that mall. Trying to avoid going completely broke, we headed straight for the Forever 21. It was TWO STORIES. It was extremely hard to stop myself from buying one of everything. By the end of our journey, I ended up walking out with an adorable white lace dress and two new nail polishes for the reasonable price of $27. I was feeling much better after having a shopping fix. The rest of the night consisted of hanging out in front of a dorm and making a late night run to the 24/7 Subway. This morning I got up bright and early at 8am to head out to church. The service was really great and me and a couple of  the girls went to grab some lunch at a local pub (woo spending more money!). After lunch on our way back to the “L” (train system) we walked by an Anthropologie, a Free People, and a J. Crew. I managed to resist all three. As we walked by a Francesca’s, I noticed a sign out front that said “50% off all clearance items.” That was plenty of info for me. I walked in and was yet again ready to buy absolutely everything. I bought a white peplum style tank top, a pale pink beaded headband, and some adorable elephant earrings. The grand total came to $48. That will certainly be my last shopping adventure for awhile, my wallet is feeling the pain. Upon arriving back to campus I immediately hopped into another car and headed out to a suburb to have some quality camp staff bonding time over some classic deep dish pizza. It was amazing to be reunited with some summer staffers in the same place at the same time. The food was good, the laughter was plenty, and the smiles were never ending. They sent me home with three large slices of deep dish and a tray of cupcakes (have I ever mentioned to you guys how I love free food?). Tonight I capped my night off with CollegeLife. You’re wondering what that is right? CollegeLife is a service hosted by the University Ministries at North Park every Sunday night at 8pm. Basically what happens is a large number of the student body gets together and worships God through song, prayer, and a sermon geared right to us college students. I would say I had quite the successful weekend. I am feeling perfectly refreshed to get back to another week full of the hustle and bustle of class and activities. For now I’ll be in my dorm room catching up on some homework, reading, and sleeping. 



About kscoughlin2013

I'm a full time college student studying English Literature and Secondary Education, a part time dreamer, and occasionally I write a decent poem or take an okay picture.
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